Justin Boucher (franceattack) wrote,
Justin Boucher

So I got kicked out of the Branks last night. It really sucks because we hade been playin for hella long know and we had a show lined up in the middle of June and shit, but there in't much I can do about it now. The thing that pisses me of most is me and Andy (the guitar player) were talking about having a band meeting Saturday about how both of our issues with Kat (the new singer). Then he calls Perry (the bass player) Thursday and tells him that Im embarassed to say it, but... and tell him that I talked shit on Kat and I don't like her lyrics and a bunch of shit

Asked for job back at Clearwire. I went to work at Peterbilt to become a salesman there cause they get treated hella good with good pay, but they have a surplus of salesman right, and even though one just quit they are just leaving the position open. Right now I am pretty much everyones bitch there, and I didn't go to college to be the bitch of of a bunch of high school drop outs. At least at Clearwire customers respect my opinion and ask me for help and such instead of just telling me where to put their brake shoes.
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